At EUFUNDINGHUB it is our aim to offer you a complete overview of all public funding opportunities within the European Union. This includes funding at all levels, from the local to the European level. Our ambition is to cover all EU Member States and major neighbouring countries as well as key activity sectors from a local to European level.

How does it work?

Step 1: You register and provide the essential details of your project idea.

Step 2: You select one or several geographies and sectors.

Step 3: Within a few days you get a tailor-made offer for a detailed report on funding opportunities.

Step 4: Upon your acceptance of our offer and payment we deliver a comprehensive research report listing all suitable funding opportunities for your project.

Step 5: If you choose to apply for funding, we can recommend our partner companies to you. Our partners can offer you support in the entire application and management process.

Your benefits

We offer you a tailor-made research report combining the expertise of our partners, who are local and sectoral specialists based in all EU Member States and beyond.

The report will be based on a proven and standardised report template that is easily understood by executives, investors and financial experts. Thus, you can make an informed decision on applying for public funding in any region and sector across the EU and its neighbouring countries. If you need follow-up support for the application process, EUFUNDINGHUB will connect you with qualified experts to guide you and enhance your chances of success.

All communication will be handled through the EUFUNDINGHUB as a one-stop shop. Your data and information are processed with great care based on EU privacy rules.

Why us?

EUFUNDINGHUB is a one-stop shop providing objective, impartial information on public funding opportunities across the European continent. It enables our clients to make an informed decision on their business strategy.

Our Brussels-based core team is composed of professionals in the domain of public funding who have the ability to integrate all funding opportunities into a standardised report format and perform quality control. All partners of the EUFUNDINGHUB are experienced professional consultancy companies and commit to our quality charter.

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